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Dr Donia Zhang is an external associate at the City Institute, York University. She is a graduate of Oxford Brookes University (BArch, MA, PhD) in the UK and Brock University (MEd) in Canada.

Her area of expertise is in courtyard housing development in China and North America, China's heritage preservation policies and practices, cultural sustainability, and architectural multiculturalism. Donia has 7 years of work experience in the architectural industry in Toronto and Chicago, and 10 years of teaching experience throughout Ontario colleges. The subjects she has taught include: History of Art and Architecture, Interior Design, and AutoCAD.

Donia has published four books: Courtyard Houses of Beijing: Past, Present, and Future (2009/2010/2011), Schoolyard Gardening as Multinaturalism: Theory, Practice, and Product (2009), Courtyard Housing and Cultural Sustainability: Theory, Practice, and Product (Ashgate, 2013), and Courtyard Housing for Health and Happiness: Architectural Multiculturalism in North America (Ashgate, 2015).

Donia's research focuses on the neuroethics of sustainability and neurophilosophy of architecture encompassing both Eastern and Western historic and contemporary approaches.

Keywords: courtyard housing; culture; multiculturalism; China; North America

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